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061 CatSalut he Is responsible

When you have a doubt, consultation or problem of health that is not an emergency, you can call in telephone 061 and resolve it saving displacements and waitings and, at the same time, avoid an unnecessary overload of the sanitary system.

When you can knock at the 061 CatSalut Does he Reply?

The 061 CatSalut Is responsible it is to your service 24 hours on the day, the 365 days of the year.

Who there is behind the telephone?

A team formed by tele-operators and professionals of infirmary and, if it is necessary, medical staff who gives answer to your doubts of health and offers you sanitary advice.

Update:  03.05.2018

Health advice and information

  • Health advice and recommendations on various health issues
  • Women care and counselling - Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE)
  • Information on child and adult vaccination
  • Medicines advice
  • Travel advice
  • Stop smoking advice and counselling
  • Healthy habits advice. Health promotion
  • Information on health alerts: heat waves, environmental alerts, food, etc.
  • Information on public health campaigns. Contribution to various information and health promotion campaigns 

Related information

On-call home assistance

During the hours that Primary Care Centres are closed, SEM coordinates on-call home assistance.

If you dial 061, the centre coordinator will handle the call and direct you to the closest or most appropriate centre where the patient can receive assistance, or, if necessary, will mobilize the on-call healthcare assistance professional for dispatch to the patient’s home.

Monitoring of chronic and at risk patient

  • Chronic and frail patient care
  • Plan for the prevention of heat waves effects on health, in Catalonia (POCS)
  • Influenza Campaign 

General information on health system and services

  • CatSalut health services guide
  • Health Department and CatSalut administrative procedures
  • Healthcare centres directory
  • Access to pharmacies 

Arrangements and procedures

  • Health Insurance Card processing
  • Complaints about surgical operation waiting times

Proactive Online Service, Sanitat Truca

  • Stop smoking assistance program: tobacco quit line
  • Telephone survey campaigns to determine Healthcare System user satisfaction: surveys related to the Healthcare System (degree of user satisfaction and use, activity programmes promoting health and support for Public Health)

Services to health care professionals

  • Translation services for health care professionals
  • Information on arrangements and procedures
  • Information on Health Department campaigns, action plans and/or special programmes
  • Contingency centre for diverse mechanisms of the healthcare system: Integrated Electronic Prescription System (SIRE)

Collaboration with the Epidemiological Surveillance System

  • Information and alerts about mandatory reportable diseases and epidemic outbreaks
  • Case collection. Catalan Epidemiological Surveillance Emergency Service

Participation in the Catalan Comprehensive Emergency Plan

Health alert functional unit (UFAS), in case of:

  • Heat wave
  • Overcoming of the ozone threshold value
  • Influenza Campaign
Update:  02.05.2011